Driving Aids Offered By Access In Motion

Electronic left foot accelerator

Our electronic left foot accelerator uses a factory OEM pedal that is mounted similar to how your original pedal is on the opposite side of the brake pedal. You can choose to use either the left or right pedal with the turn of a switch. If the left pedal is active the right pedal does not get any signal so there is no chance of accidentally accelerating if it is hit by an object and the same goes for the left if the right pedal is selected.

Mechanical Left Foot Accelerator

Left foot gas pedals allow you to drive with your left foot. We are able to install both removable left foot accelerator pedals and electric left foot accelerator pedals that only require minimal modifications. Your vehicle can still be used with the original gas pedal with either application so it does not limit ant other drivers of your vehicle.

  • Pedal extensions
  • Seat Extensions, forward and backward
  • Seat lowering and raising