Rear Entry Long Conversion.

When looking into your rear entry wheelchair conversions, you still have options. The more versatile option is the long floor conversion. This conversion cuts the center section of the van out from the rear of the vehicle and continues the cut to right behind the front driver and passenger seats. With this option you are able to put the wheelchair closer to the front if you do not have passengers in the second row, or you are able to place them closer to the rear if you have the flip seats in the occupied position. If you are looking to be in the front section of the vehicle, please refer to Side Entry Conversions.

Rear Entry Short Conversion.

If you want a rear entry conversion and would like to have 4 passenger seats plus the driver, you are able to get a short floor conversion that cuts the center section of the van from the rear to behind the second row seats. The second row can be modified to have a 3 person bench to allow for the extra passengers.

Ford Rear Entry Conversions.

The Mini Van is not the only option you have when looking into a rear entry conversion. We are able to get you rear entry conversions for the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect.