Side Entry Conversion Options.

Short floor conversion. 

This conversion is very handy and cost efficient. The short floor conversion has a lowered floor section in front of the third row bench seat and behind the two front seats. The conversion comes with retractable tie-downs with a manual occupant restraint. Starting at $16,500.00 this conversion is the most cost efficient side entry conversion. Now your passenger in the wheelchair does not have to sit in the veryback of the van.

This type of conversion comes with a fold out ramp. Power ramp is an extra option.

Full Floor Conversion.

A full lowered floor conversion is the only option for those who are in a wheelchair and wish to sit in the front passenger seat or even drive the van themselves. There are many different options for this conversion type. You can have a fully powered conversion with an automatic opening door and ramp. This conversion would be best for a driver that wishes to be able to go out on their own and be independent. There is also the option of all manual door and ramp. 

In floor ramp or fold out ramp is available. 

Full Floor With Transfer seat.

If you are a driver or front seat passenger that is able to transfer from your wheelchair and do not wish to drive from your wheelchair we are able to provide you with a 6-Way transfer base. The 6-Way transfer base is able to move in all directions; up, down, forward, backwards and is able to rotate to the best angle for your transfer, making it easier.