We can adapt your Car, SUV, Minivan, Pickup Truck, Sports Car or full size vehicle to match your needs. We even modify recreational vehicles such as side by sides, RV's and more. 

At Access In Motion we realize that everyone situation is different and everyone prefers different things in life. No matter the situation we will do everything possible to get you into the vehicle you want to be in. We don't stop at the box when it comes to what you want. If it is possible we will find a way to make it happen. If it is possible we will get you into the vehicle you want to be in.

Seating Aids

Adapt Solutions Link is newest mobility solution in assisting people getting in and out of your vehicle is now available. The Link is a newly designed product that makes getting in and out of your vehicle a lot easier than you could imagine.

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The XL-Base is a product that is designed to help assist those who transfer from a wheelchair into a vehicle. The XL-Base pivots out of the vehicle and lowers towards the ground to make transferring easy and effortless. 

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The Asento is a platform that you unfold when you open your vehicle door. It is a platform that you can transfer on to and it will raise you up to the height of your vehicle's seat. 

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There are many ways to use a combination of tools and equipment to make independence a reality.

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Speedy Lift

Hand Controls

One of the most popular and easy to use hand control solutions is called the push and rock from Howell Ventures. This solutions could be one of many they offer that is the right solution for you.

Howell Ventures has created many solutions for hand controls. this push/twist set up in a Cadillac can be a great solution for you.

Carospeed Menox hand controls are a really nice set up for the right handed drivers. this solutions might not be for everyone but is it a possibility for some.

There are multiple other options for right handed drivers offered by Veigel and we can work with you and your Occupational Therapist to find the solution that is right for you.

Spinner Knobs


UH 360



Left Foot Accelerators

Electronic left foot accelerator

Our electronic left foot accelerator uses a factory OEM pedal that is mounted similar to how your original pedal is on the opposite side of the brake pedal. You can choose to use either the left or right pedal with the turn of a switch. If the left pedal is active the right pedal does not get any signal so there is no chance of accidentally accelerating if it is hit by an object and the same goes for the left if the right pedal is selected.

Mechanical Left Foot Accelerator

Left foot gas pedals allow you to drive with your left foot. We are able to install both removable left foot accelerator pedals and electric left foot accelerator pedals that only require minimal modifications. Your vehicle can still be used with the original gas pedal with either application so it does not limit ant other drivers of your vehicle.